1) Who are you?

At moment Head of Digital Skills City of Glasgow College but lots of other things define me http://www.joewilsons.net/

2) What is your vibe? Share it in a meme or quote…

whenever an educator posts open resources an angel gets their wings

Open Scotland doing its thang ! 

3) What gives you hope these days?

Corona-virus is a global tragedy – but should be a catalyst for change – sharing good learning should have gone viral a long time ago.

4) Who are you learning from lately?

Youtube like everyone else and the great folks at ALT and my peers across the UK

In Scotland Edinburgh University 

5) In your opinion, what should we all be caring about? Why?

People and the planet and the bits of the undeveloped world that need to develop in different ways and how we unpick our developed world in way that sustains a future for all.

6) What do you hope to take away from OER20?

Lots of great ideas, an expanded mind and network as always


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